Spring and summer are times for short sleeves, sun tans, and bathing suits. In the spring, businesses in the health and wellness industry experience a spike in sales as people attempt to “get their beach body” ready.

Let’s face it, diets are a big portion of those sales, so here are 4 reasons why the last thing you need is a diet.

Reason 1: Changing your menu… often only temporarily

If you’ve ever attempted to change your eating habits you know it can be downright hard. If you’re not prepared or totally ready for the change, the upkeep of a diet can be too much and eventually you’ll fall back to old habits, which may leave you feeling defeated and like a failure.

Reason 2: Not all diets are created equal

In fact, some diets are dangerous. Trends in the media would lead you to believe that what they are promoting is healthy and good for you, but if you read the (often barely seen) fine print in these ads you’ll often find a disclaimer.

Reason 3: Diets are usually about restrictions and “can’ts”

Your mindset when it comes to food can make or break a new habit. If you’re looking at all the things you can’t eat, it carries a negative feel. Food restriction can lead to binging and feelings of guilt when we ultimately “give in” to what we crave.

Reason 4: Diets often don’t encompass total health (mind, body, emotional, etc)

Diets primarily focus on food. Food is vital for health and wellness, but you’re made up of so much more. What you should be focusing on is what makes you feel good. What foods make you feel foggy? Which ones give you energy? What activities do you enjoy the most? Self care goes beyond food. Buying clothes that fit your body, reading a good book and hanging out socially are all things you can do in addition to changing your eating habits. Have more questions, book in for a consultation at www.humanintegratedperformance.com and we’ll get the ball rolling to help you improve your health and entire well-being.

It’s tempting to fall into health traps around the summer. Consider the things that benefit your whole being and make you happy – and go after that!