Physiotherapy Edmonton - Body Maintenance - Human Integrated Performance

We all know that massage offers many benefits including decreased depression and anxiety, decrease in blood pressure, and it feels wonderful! Well . . . mostly.

When we discuss postural conditions due to job and/or life choices, we talk about frequency. How often are you sitting at your desk? Do you stand on your feet all day? Are you mobile, or sedentary? Just like diet and exercise, we can learn to incorporate massage into our regular routine; we call this maintenance.

Just like our cars, our bodies require regular maintenance. If we don’t maintain our cars, they break down and cause more problems, our bodies are no different. If you sit all day at a desk or stand all day on your feet your body will need different types of maintenance, that’s where we come in. As your massage therapist, I’m like your favourite mechanic-your body mechanic!

It is more beneficial to receive regular massage that helps keep your body functioning well versus coming in exhausted and depleted. Injury is less likely to occur in healthy tissue! So get on top of your body’s maintenance. Do you really need more than this…..?