Can IMS be combined with other physiotherapy treatments?

Yes, IMS can be combined with other physiotherapy treatments to achieve better results. In fact, IMS is often used as a complementary therapy alongside other treatments such as massage, chiropractic, or physiotherapy. By combining IMS with other therapies, patients can often achieve faster and more complete relief from their symptoms.

For example, IMS may be used in combination with physiotherapy exercises to help relax tight muscles and reduce pain, while also improving joint mobility and range of motion. Or, IMS may be used alongside massage therapy to help release trigger points and improve circulation to affected areas.

The specific combination of therapies used will depend on the individual’s condition and treatment goals. Your healthcare practitioner will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that includes IMS and any other treatments that may be beneficial for your condition.

Can IMS be combined with other physiotherapy treatments? faq - YEGHIP

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