Does walking strengthen pelvic floor muscles?

General exercises like walking can be beneficial for pelvic floor health, as they help to improve overall strength and circulation. If you are experiencing pelvic floor issues, it is important to consult a pelvic floor physiotherapist for advice on the best exercises for you.

Does walking strengthen pelvic floor muscles - Human Integrated Performance

Walking is a beneficial exercise for overall health and can indirectly support pelvic floor strength. It improves circulation throughout the body, which includes the pelvic region. This increased blood flow can aid in the healing and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

However, walking alone may not be sufficient for directly strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. For specific pelvic floor issues, targeted exercises, often recommended by a pelvic floor physiotherapist, are usually necessary. These exercises are designed to directly engage and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, offering more specialized care for conditions like incontinence or prolapse.

Additionally, a balanced approach combining walking with pelvic floor exercises can offer comprehensive benefits. Walking ensures overall physical health and aids in maintaining a healthy weight, which can reduce pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. Meanwhile, specific pelvic floor exercises directly enhance the strength and function of these muscles.

For personalized advice and an exercise routine tailored to your needs, consulting with a pelvic floor physiotherapist is crucial. They can assess your specific condition and recommend a combination of general and targeted exercises to best support your pelvic floor health.

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