Is physiotherapy covered in Alberta?

Unfortunately, physiotherapy is not typically covered by Alberta Healthcare. Although, in certain situations, such as following surgery, Alberta Health Services may approve physiotherapy sessions.

It is more common for individuals to pay for physiotherapy treatment out-of-pocket. However, many employers offer health benefits that include physiotherapy coverage. At Human Integrated Performance, we understand that the cost of physiotherapy can be a concern for some individuals. That is why we offer direct billing options with most insurance providers. This means you can receive the physiotherapy treatment you need, and we will bill your insurance provider directly. If you want to learn more about your coverage and billing options for physiotherapy in Alberta, please don’t hesitate to contact our front desk. We’re here to help.

Physiotherapy may be covered in Alberta if it is medically necessary

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In Alberta, physiotherapy may be an optimal course of action when deemed medically necessary. Examples include:

  • Recent fractures
  • Orthopedic Surgeries
  • Hip or knee replacements


With coverage provided by Alberta Health Services available at designated clinics like Human Integrated Performance, patients can now access the care they need. To learn more, visit the AHCIP website or contact us directly for more information regarding eligibility requirements.

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