Jenna Westover


Jenna completed her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. She also has a strong background in exercise prescription and kinesiology, and holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology from University of Calgary. Jenna has been active her entire life, participating in a number of sports, most notably hockey and swimming. Due to her background, she uses the principles of exercise science and therapy to provide the best possible treatment to her patients. She believes in the power of movement to heal and allow people to live to their full potential.

Degree/ Certification

Master of Science in Physical Therapy

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Exercise Based Rehab

Exercise-based rehab is supported by research and is essential to physiotherapy treatment. We work with patients 1-on-1 to teach exercise plans, which leads to better outcomes. With our physiotherapist-kinesiologist combined treatment model, patients get to spend more time in the clinic at the same price as other providers.

Modalities (electrotherapy, heat, ice, kinesiology tape, TENS, IFC, and ultrasound)

Modalities are treatment methods that help patients in several ways and use different procedures. Modalities can relieve pain, improve circulation, decrease swelling, reduce muscle spasms as well as improve the body’s overall ability to heal.

Manual Therapy (Mobilizations)

Manual therapy is utilizing skilled application of passive movement to a joint either within (mobilization) or beyond its range of motion (manipulation). Manual therapy is used to treat soft tissue and joints to reduce pain, decrease swelling, increase range of motion, help the body in muscle or soft tissue repair, facilitate movement, and more.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy deals with preventing injury and rehabilitating patients and athletes who participate in sports activities. There are various injuries or illnesses that you can treat with sports therapy treatments.

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Orthopaedic physical therapy involves the care of your entire musculoskeletal system where it helps patients whose muscles, bones, and body ligaments do not function properly. A physiotherapist can treat conditions that may affect your ability to move or function physically in your daily life.

Radial Shockwave Therapy

Radial shockwave therapy is an advanced, non-invasive, highly effective treatment method developed to treat localized musculoskeletal pain. Shockwave therapy enhances blood circulation and accelerates the healing process causing damaged tissue to gradually regenerate.