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Troy Forest

Troy Forest


Troy is a graduate of MacEwan University, with a Diploma of Acupuncture and a certificate of Chinese Herbology. Troy has a strong background in sports acupuncture and lifelong interest in neurological wellness. He employs a full variety of classical acupuncture and other modalities from traditional Chinese medicine, as well as modern methods such as trigger point therapy and scalp acupuncture. Some of the focal points of his practice are sleep medicine, PTSD, and athletic performance. Troy also served in the Canadian Forces for 8 years, including one tour of duty in Afghanistan. He has competed nationally as a competitive water-skier; and also played recreational hockey for 12 years. He is a lifelong martial artist, and enjoys meditation, tai chi and qi gong.

Degree/ Certification

Diploma of Acupuncture, Certificate of Chinese Herbology

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