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A Performance Community Unlike Anywhere Else!

Human Integrated Performance is a performance facility dedicated to helping everyone achieve their goals through a fully integrated service model incorporating sport science and sport performance tools. Just like the systems of the human body interact with each other to allow us to think and move, our providers work collaboratively to design an individualized treatment plan that guides multiple systems of the human body to peak performance.

Our Humans

Physiotherapy Edmonton - Nic Allen - Psychologist - Human Integrated Performance

Nicolas Allen

Registered Psychologist

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Nishtha Bhavsar


Physiotherapy Edmonton - Shelby Brewer - Sports Vision Trainer - Human Integrated Performance

Shelby Brewer

Chief of Staff

Physiotherapy Edmonton - Troy Forest - Acupuncturist - Human Integrated Performance

Troy Forest


Physiotherapy Edmonton - Michelle Hollik - Massage Therapist - Human Integrated Performance

Michelle Hollik

Massage Therapist

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Spencer McPhedran

Kinesiologist/Exercise Therapist

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Tyson Pidsadowski

Visuomotor and Sports Vision Trainer

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Dustin Purnell

Registered Psychologist

Physiotherapy Edmonton - Dustie Steeves - Chiropractor - Human Integrated Performance

Dustie Steeves


Physiotherapy Edmonton - Brad Wall - Sports Vision Trainer - Human Integrated Performance

Brad Wall

Visuomotor and Sports Vision Trainer

Our Vision

We are a leading human performance company, enhancing lives by integrating science and care to achieve peak performance in sport, business and life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader in empowering peak performance in sport, business and life. We integrate individuality, science and care through passionate professionals, and create a community that fosters the achievement of new personal bests.

Our Values

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We value the power of belief and positivity. We believe that possibility exists for everyone who walks through our doors for improving performance sport, business and life.

Physiotherapy Edmonton - Human Integrated Performance


We value the connections required between practitioner, client and environment to avhieve peak performance. We innovate with science and integrated care to maximize our clients' performance and our own. We are committed to performing at our best to ensure that our clients can perform at their best.

Physiotherapy Edmonton - Human Integrated Performance


We value empowering our client to achieve their goals while realizing our goals. We are committed to the focus required to achieve personal bests.

Physiotherapy Edmonton - Chiropractor - Human Integrated Performance


We value taking care of our clients and ourselves in the cycle of peak performance. Through client services, self-care and treatment options, we ensure full recovery in body, spirit and mind for positive performance experiences.


Come join a community of like minded individuals who want to achieve their ultimate performance just as badly as you!