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Are you waking up in pain most mornings? Have sports, working out, and other physical activities left you with aching joints? Has a motor vehicle accident or a work-related injury left you with chronic pain? Or is your body just tired and sore from a lifetime of
use and activity?
If any of those apply, you might be a perfect candidate for physiotherapy services from Human Integrated Performance. Our individually tailored plans help you recover from injuries and get back to peak form for both work and play.
At Human Integrated Performance, we know that treating a patient is just the start. For optimum benefits, there’s a need for an individualized approach and a team dedicated to making each client feel at home.
Our certified, highly trained staff work directly with clients to understand the issues and develop an effective plan. The end result of the all-inclusive sessions we lead is a fast and safe return to health and happiness. With several different direct billing options to choose from, we also make it affordable for almost any budget.

Who We Help

In short, we help anyone suffering from recurring pain due to injuries, accidents, or just plain old wear and tear. However, many of our patients tend to fall into one of the following groups:

Motor vehicle collision victims​

When left untreated, injuries from automobile accidents can get worse over time. We’ll help you recover from those injuries, and we make it easier on you by working with several insurance providers.

Chronic pain disorders​

Don’t let chronic pain and complications from it control your life. Our team will help you recover, and if full recovery isn’t possible, we’ll help you manage the pain.

High-Performance Athletes

No matter how strong you are, injuries happen. That’s especially the case in sports that involve physical contact. We work with you to get back into peak shape so you don’t lose a step and can keep competing at the highest level.

Weekend Warriors

Whatever activities you do on the weekends, we’re here to help you recover from the pain. Running, team sports, rock climbing, paddling, doesn’t matter. If you’ve pushed yourself a little too far, we’ll help you get back into the game.,

Our Intake Process

Your sessions and treatment plan is unique, and tailored to your particular needs. Generally, here’s what happens when you see our physiotherapists for the first time:

Our Specialized Physio Treatments

Radial Shockwave

It is another therapeutic treatment that is perfect for people experiencing chronic illnesses. It differentiates from other treatments because it uses a wave that carries energy to the other parts of the body that are experiencing pain to make them completely painless.

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Orthopaedic Physical therapy is a treatment method that helps patients whose muscles, bones, and body ligaments do not function properly. Most of the patients going through these problems find it difficult to move or experience swelling and pain that does not seem to end.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapists are highly trained individuals that help people engaging in a sporting activity to recovering if they experience knocks or any other issues. There are various injuries or illnesses that you can treat with sports therapy procedures.

Manual Therapy (Mobilizations)

This is a specialized therapy that gets used in treating physical disability and pains. It gets also referred to as manual therapy, and it includes completely different procedures that help to restore muscle imbalances.

Modalities (Electrotherapy, Heat, and Ice)

These are treatment methods that help patients in several ways and using different procedures. For instance, it can help to reduce body pains and also decrease swelling of one who has already experienced any of these.


Learn more about our Certified Acupuncturist on our Acupuncture page.

Our Happy Humans

Jennifer is very knowledgeable about physiotherapy and what your body needs to improve, her friendly attitude and willingness to help will make you feel at home, I highly recommend her services if you want to improve your body mechanics and your lifestyle.

Wally Ovalle

Since working with Jennifer these past couple of weeks, I am very impressed how she has been able to help me with my back pain and give me customized exercises that have helped me feel much better. I highly recommend her and this clinic for treatments.

Giselle Denis

So lovely to see progress easing pain I‘ve put up with for years. All staff I’ve met have been kind, accommodating, and attentive. Very comforted to see steps in place to reduce the risk of spread for COVID-19. Going to a physio appointment doesn’t feel like a chore or a burden anymore - it’s become something I actually look forward to!

Ashleigh Hicks

I highly recommend Nicolas Allen and Michelle Hollik and the entire human integrated performance office. I love their team approach to health and wellness. Having a sports psychologist, physio, chiro, and massage therapist all under one roof is exactly what a 38 year old athlete that isn't ready to give up the dream needs!

Marc McMahon

What Do We Treat?

There are several different disorders that we treat in our clinic. We have already highlighted a few of them, but here is a detailed view of the kinds of treatments we offer to our clients:

We Can Help you with:

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