Treatment Options for Vestibular Conditions

Vestibular Conditions, Vertigo Treatment Options

If you experience dizziness or balance problems, sometimes a physical therapist can help you recover. We offer vestibular condition correction in Edmonton by helping our clients get to full recovery through simple procedures.

The primary goal with Vestibular Rehabilitation is to retrain the brain to coordinate information from the inner ear balance organs, vision, and the proprioceptive system (sensory receptors that are sensitive to stretch or pressure).

Vertigo mainly manifests as dizziness that makes it appear as if everything surrounding you is spinning. Severe cases can prevent you from carrying out your daily activities and make it difficult for you to stand and move. If you’re experiencing vertigo, our team will help you to identify the cause and build a treatment plan to manage and improve your symptoms.

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Methods & Treatments for Vestibular Conditions, Vertigo

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