What is Sports Vision?

While traditional vision training focuses on correcting your vision with glasses or contact lenses, sports vision helps train athletes to better process and respond to what they see. Through a variety of exercises and honed techniques, sports vision allows athletes to teach their brain to respond to stimuli in a more accurate fashion.

At Human Integrated Performance, our doctors can assess and work with you to develop and hone the necessary skills to improve your sports vision.

Importance of Visual cognitive therapy

Visual cognitive therapy (visual CBT) is essential to athletic performance, but 20/20 vision doesn’t matter if an athlete is unable to track a ball, react in time, and track movement.

Poor athletic performance can often be attributed to a processing and response deficiency. When visual processing is not 100%, athletes may not see objects clearly, over or under-estimate distances, experience difficulty making plays, or repeat similar mistakes.

Visual Therapy Can Help Build:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Visual reaction time
  • Peripheral vision
  • Eye speed/tracking

Our Intake Process

Your sessions and treatment plan is unique, and tailored to your particular needs. Generally, here’s what happens when you see our physiotherapists for the first time:

Skills Enhanced by Sports Vision Training

Hand-Eye Coordination

By improving visual ability to direct movement, athletes can improve their accuracy with batting, throwing, pitching, kicking, and more.

Tracking / Movement Precision

Timing is essential when making a play, and improved tracking and movement precision will help athletes hone their ability to know when to swing the bat, make a shot, throw a ball, etc.

Better Peripheral Vision Awareness

Honing your peripheral vision awareness can help athletes react and respond faster. Peripheral awareness can help players detect motion, avoid injuries and collisions, and monitor opponents efficiently.

Visual Reaction Time

Reacting to visual stimuli is a part of any sport. Sports vision training can help athletes improve their visual reaction time and visualization.

Depth Perception

With improved depth perception, players can make better judgements in space, such as how far an object or player is from you. 

Estimating Distances

Being able to gauge how close or how far you or another player is can be critical to ensuring that a play is executed successfully. With sports vision training athletes can improve their distance estimation to accurately assess the speed and distance of a ball or player.

Sports Vision FAQ

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