Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Services

We've partnered with Team Nutrition to serve you better!

Are you struggling with your weight loss objective? Do you need to change your eating habits for medical consultation reasons? Do you want to learn about Sports Nutrition and how to eat better in order to reach your peak performance objectives?

Consulting our Edmonton Dietitian/Nutritionist can help you achieve your nutrition goals. If any of those apply, you might be a perfect candidate for dietitian/nutritionist services from our nutrition partners. Our individually tailored plans help you ensure personalized recommendations, adapted to your objectives, what you love to eat, and that you can keep up long term.

At Human Integrated Performance, we know that knowing about food is just the start. For optimum benefits, there’s a need for an individualized approach and a team dedicated to making each client feel privileged and listened to.

Our new partnership with provides you with access to registered dieticians/nutritionists who will work with you to understand the issues and develop an effective plan. The end result of the all-inclusive sessions will help you reach permanent results. Registered dieticians can offer insurance receipts for refund purposes.

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