Concussion Management Services

Your health is your most precious asset. Human Integrated Performance, offers Concussion Management services to assist you with the recovery process. After our initial assessment, we will establish a treatment plan and develop a specialized rehabilitation program based on your needs.

Our Concussion Management services are designed to help mitigate the short-term and long-term effects of concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI). Concussion recovery varies by the severity and frequency of concussions. After a recent incident (24 – 72 hours), we can provide an initial assessment to address your immediate concerns. Together we will create a plan to reduce the long-term impact of the concussion and reduce the likelihood and severity of future concussions.

The longer individuals leave concussion symptoms untreated, the more impact it will have on their quality of life. This highlights the need for proper care and treatment early on. Our goal is to get you back to the same level or better than you were before the incident.

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Baseline Assessments

We provide baseline assessments for athletes and sports teams to help ensure that athletes make a full recovery before getting back on the playing field.

Concussion Rehabilitation

Our Concussion Rehabilitation services can help you recover from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) resulting Motor Vehicle Accidents, Sports Injuries, Falls, etc.

Our Happy Humans

Jennifer is very knowledgeable about physiotherapy and what your body needs to improve, her friendly attitude and willingness to help will make you feel at home, I highly recommend her services if you want to improve your body mechanics and your lifestyle.
Wally Ovalle
Consulted the humans at YEGHIP regarding some ongoing neck and head pain, tension, and clicking with certain motions. Booking was easy, staff at the door were pleasant, and the physiotherapist I saw (Jen) really knew her stuff.
Timothy Weber
I highly recommend Nicolas Allen and Michelle Hollik and the entire human integrated performance office. I love their team approach to health and wellness. Having a sports psychologist, physio, chiro, and massage therapist all under one roof is exactly what a 38 year old athlete that isn't ready to give up the dream needs!
Marc McMahon

Coverage and Billing

Our clinic offers multiple direct billing options, and works with most major insurance and benefit providers, as well as WCB to make your experience as simple as possible.

Our team can help you confirm what options are available to you, including worker’s compensation, extended health benefits, third party insurance, or motor vehicle injury benefits.

We also accept payment from all major debit and credit cards in addition to also accepting cash payments. You can also pay with your personal cheque.

Direct Billing Options

We work with several providers to give you access to direct billing. Some of our direct billing partners are:

Don’t see your provider listed? Contact our clinic to find out if you’re covered.

Concussion Management FAQ

We provide neurological baseline assessments for anyone suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Including, sports academies, teams, accident victims (MVA), and everyone else.

Concussion symptoms can vary based on the severity and frequency of head injuries. It is critical to monitor symptoms over time to reduce the chances of long-term damage.

On arrival, one of our expert staff members will help assess your health and history. We work together with you to determine the best treatment schedule.

Yes, we do! We offer multiple direct billing options to all our clients. Get in touch with our team to find out what options are available to you.

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