Treatment Options for Shin Splints

Shin Splints Treatment Options

Shin splints are a common injury associated with running or other impact activities. The pain is typically along the inside of the shin or tibia which is amplified with impact. Several different factors can cause shin splints such as improper warm-up or cool down, poor footwear, repetitive stress, flat feet, or even a change in your workouts. There are many ways that shin splints can be successfully treated, including Shockwave, Graston, or Active Release. Restricting impact, stretching, foam rolling, proper footwear, and ice are important during treatment to get you back to your activities as soon as possible.

Shin splints can by caused by overloading your leg muscles, tendons, or shin bones. This can be caused by high impact and repetitive exercise. Shin splints slow down athletes and hinder performance. Our clinic has several options for treatment for athletes and individuals experiencing pain from shin splints.

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Methods & Treatments for Shin Splints

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