Treatment Options for Hand & Wrist Injuries

Hand & Wrist Injury Treatment Options

Complaints involving hands and wrists are common in our clinic, including carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). We help you design a program that will help you improve your mobility and strength in the wrist, hand, and forearm.

This is common for people who have desk jobs, or work that requires a lot of wrist and hand movement. This pain can threaten your career if you do not get the right kind of help. With massage therapy, we deal with the problem at the core, by releasing tension from the tendons and muscles, helping with any physical deformation on the joint, and increasing blood flow to the tissues on your wrist. This not only relieves the pain but promotes long-term healing of the joint muscles and tendons.

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Methods & Treatments for Hand & Wrist Injury

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Hand & Wrist Injury FAQs