Exercise Based Rehab

Exercise Based Rehab

Exercise-based rehab is supported by research and is essential to physiotherapy treatment. We work with patients 1-on-1 to teach exercise plans, which leads to better outcomes. With our physiotherapist-kinesiologist combined treatment model, patients get to spend more time in the clinic at the same price as other providers. Exercises are prescribed to cater to the individual and may use exercise bands, free weights, resistance machines, or body weight.

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Torn ligaments in your heels can cause Plantar Fasciitis. If the tear is not treated, it could be uncomfortable for you to walk or stand. Our team of chiropractors can identify the root cause of this discomfort and work with you to decrease the severity of the pain you’re experiencing.

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy utilises the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics as background theory in the assessment and management of patients. This involves not only ‘manipulation’, but also manual assessment and treatment techniques, specific therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy, and advice on posture and movement disorders. Orthopaedic Physical Therapy is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and injuries, including arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, and more.

Neck pain can be caused by multiple factors, such as poor posture, over-strenuous movement, injury, worn joints, or even disease. We have several treatment options that can help you recover, by reducing stiffness and strengthening the neck muscles.

Shin splints are a common injury associated with running or other impact activities. The pain is typically along the inside of the shin or tibia which is amplified with impact. Several different factors can cause shin splints such as improper warm-up or cool down, poor footwear, repetitive stress, flat feet, or even a change in your workouts. There are many ways that shin splints can be successfully treated, including Shockwave, Graston, or Active Release. Restricting impact, stretching, foam rolling, proper footwear, and ice are important during treatment to get you back to your activities as soon as possible.

Including plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and Morton’s Neuroma. Recovering from such injuries requires therapeutic exercising. We have a friendly team that helps patients with these exercises and makes it easy to get back to fitness.

Physio can help treat your sprained ankle by strengthening your muscles, reducing swelling and tightness, and increasing your joint mobility.

Symptoms of whiplash include neck and back pain, stiffness and soreness, headaches, fatigue, and more. If you have recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), a sports injury, or suspect you have whiplash, consult with one of our healthcare professionals to determine your best recovery plan.

When left untreated, injuries from automobile accidents can get worse over time. Our team of healthcare experts can help you recover from those injuries with physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. Our clinic team will also guide you through the process and work with your insurance company.

Exercise Based Rehab FAQ

These therapies are correct for people that experience different kinds of pain. Also, it is suitable for people trying to recover from an injury or illness that affects their mobility. Also, any patient can seek examination and treatment, whether they are old or young. Also, it is suitable for non-patients that want to prevent diseases.

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Unfortunately, physiotherapy is not typically covered by Alberta Healthcare. Although, in certain situations, such as following surgery, Alberta Health Services may approve physiotherapy sessions.

It is more common for individuals to pay for physiotherapy treatment out-of-pocket. However, many employers offer health benefits that include physiotherapy coverage. At Human Integrated Performance, we understand that the cost of physiotherapy can be a concern for some individuals. That is why we offer direct billing options with most insurance providers. This means you can receive the physiotherapy treatment you need, and we will bill your insurance provider directly. If you want to learn more about your coverage and billing options for physiotherapy in Alberta, please don’t hesitate to contact our front desk. We’re here to help.

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Yes, there is an enormous body of research supporting the use of physiotherapy for treating musculoskeletal problems.

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You should stop going to physiotherapy when you have met your personal goals, resolved the initial concern that brought you to physiotherapy, or have been discharged by your physiotherapist.

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It depends on the severity of the injury and the health goals of the patient. Most patients start with visits 1 to 2 times a week and reduce as they recover.

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You should visit a physiotherapist if your pain is mechanical. Also, other reasons you may choose to attend a physical therapy session include when the pain is not going away, the pain has severely affected movement, or it prevents you from sporting activities. Any of these reasons show that it is time to see a physiotherapist.

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Direct Billing Options

We work with several providers to give you access to direct billing. Some of our direct billing partners include:

Don’t see your provider listed? Contact our clinic to find out if you’re covered.