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Your health is your most precious asset. At Human Integrated Performance, we offer Kinesiology services in Edmonton to help you achieve your optimum health. Kinesiology is the study of the principles of body mechanics, anatomy, and dynamics in relation to human movement. Kinesiologists aid in the enhancement of human performance to assist in the prevention or rehabilitation of injury and other physiological conditions. 

Kinesiologists often collaborate with other members of the professional healthcare team such as: physicians; nutritionists; physiotherapists; chiropractors; coaching staff; etc. Kinesiology can be beneficial to individuals managing chronic cardiovascular, neurological, or musculoskeletal conditions.

If you are hearing about us for the first time, our team is here to help educate and guide your through our intake and treatment process, help establish the right treatment plan, and answer any questions you may have.

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Our Happy Humans

Jennifer is very knowledgeable about physiotherapy and what your body needs to improve, her friendly attitude and willingness to help will make you feel at home, I highly recommend her services if you want to improve your body mechanics and your lifestyle.
Wally Ovalle
Consulted the humans at YEGHIP regarding some ongoing neck and head pain, tension, and clicking with certain motions. Booking was easy, staff at the door were pleasant, and the physiotherapist I saw (Jen) really knew her stuff.
Timothy Weber
I highly recommend Nicolas Allen and Michelle Hollik and the entire human integrated performance office. I love their team approach to health and wellness. Having a sports psychologist, physio, chiro, and massage therapist all under one roof is exactly what a 38 year old athlete that isn't ready to give up the dream needs!
Marc McMahon

What Do We Treat?

Acupuncture can help treat several health issues, such as:

We Can Help you with:

This therapy will relieve you of abdominal pain by helping to release natural painkillers in the body. You can use body, auricular, or electro-acupuncture to deal with abdominal pain and expect no or mild side effects.

Anxiety is can occur for a variety of reasons. Acupuncture helps to release this tension and relieve emotion related issues such as anxiety. It also improves blood flow to the body and regulates the heart rate so that you can remain calm even under stressful conditions.

Therapy can improve your lung functionality and reduce symptoms of asthma. It helps to improve respiratory functions and improve immunity so that the patient is less susceptible to allergens’ reactions.

Acupuncture also helps your body to release endorphins and opioids, the chemicals that the body uses to fight pain. You will experience relief from the first session, and after several sessions, the pain usually decreases significantly.

Acupuncture therapy is effective in helping patients to regain bladder control. It works by strengthening the bladder muscles and improving bladder compliance, which helps the patient to maintain normal urination.

Apart from alleviating pain in patients with carpal tunnel diseases, it also increases blood flow to the wrist, which helps speed healing. Regular treatment can even help reverse any physical damage on the wrist.

Fatigue is caused by an accumulation of toxins in your muscles, thus inhibiting their proper functioning. It also occurs when your brain is triggered to release chemicals that cause fatigue feeling in your muscles. This therapy will reduce this by regulating the release of fatigue causing chemicals and improving your body’s ability to break down and release toxins from the muscles through improved natural excretion.

Most patients who go through our electro-acupuncture treatments for constipation report reduced discomfort and increased gastric motility.

If you have dental pain issues, acupuncture can reduce the pain and speed your healing process. Endorphins released by the body during the sessions can help numb your dental pain. Therapy can enable your body to produce painkilling chemicals naturally to relieve you of any pain.

Golfer’s Elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis, is caused by repetitive stress and or weakness of the muscles which flex your wrist and fingers. Pain or tenderness is local to the inside of the elbow, and can also move down the forearm and into the hand.

Patients often report pain or weakness on either the inside or outside of the elbow which is worsened with computer work, lifting or gripping and repetitive activities. There are many ways that tennis and golfer’s elbow can be successfully treated, including Shockwave, Graston or Active Release. It is importation to ice the elbow to help reduce inflammation during the healing process.

Acupuncture can be an effective means to treat acute diarrhea more effectively than drugs, as it regulates the functioning of the nerves that control bowel movement.

Headaches and migraines have been treated effectively using acupuncture by helping relieve tension. With regular treatment, you can experience fewer headaches as your stress level are naturally reduced.

Acupuncture can also help improve blood circulation to your reproductive organs. Stress and anxiety issues contributing to infertility can also be reduces, aiding conception. Moreover, you will also prime your body for optimum health, thus preparing your body to carry a pregnancy to term.

Sleep disorders may arise for a variety of reasons. Acupuncture can help relieve symptoms of insomnia, relaxing your body, and allowing you to sleep soundly.

If you have knee pain from an injury or arthritis, acupuncture treatment can help manage it by enabling the body to produce painkilling hormones. Regular treatment can help relieve pain, arthritis, and speed up recoveries from injuries that are causing your pain.

Both body and electro-acupuncture can help relieve period-related pain. The increase in blood flow can also lessen abdominal cramps.

Sleep disturbance, night sweats, hot flashes, and emotional problems are some of the symptoms that acupuncture can help relieve in women going through menopause.

If you have Parkinson’s disease, you can experience less abnormal sweating, anxiety, pain, and depression if you receive acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture therapy works by balancing the body’s energy, improving blood flow, and enhancing the functionality of your body organs. This speeds your healing after an operation, since the body is stimulated into producing the chemicals needed for self-healing.

When administered by a specialist, acupuncture helps relieve pain in patients with sciatica. This works by applying pressure on the acupoints that will trigger the excretion of endorphins to reduce pain on the affected nerves.

Therapy treats stress by balancing your body’s energy, helping your brain and muscles to relax, and regulating the production of chemicals that trigger stress.

Acupuncture therapy helps patients undergoing chemotherapy strengthen the body’s immune system, helping prepare it to withstand the effects of chemotherapy. Additionally, it typically lessens symptoms of nausea and vomiting that can result from chemotherapy drugs and post-operative discomforts.

The therapy will prepare your body for labour by reducing anxiety and keeping you in the right frame of mind. During labor, you will experience less discomfort since the body will be producing pain-relieving endorphins to reduce your labor pains.

With regular therapy sessions, you will experience less pain from osteoarthritis, as your body is stimulated into releasing pain-killing more hormones naturally. Sessions also increase your general body wellness and improve your immune system, helping you to heal faster.

Kinesiology Treatment Options

Strength and Mobility

Improve your physical strength and mobility with exercises that are tailored to your health needs. Kinesiology can help you to safely improve your quality of life with a health plan that complements your body’s natural biomechanics.

Neuromuscular Evaluation

Examining the internal systems in your body will reveal insights into the state of your parasympathetic nervous system and cardiovascular system. We will walk you through the analysis of the results and help you improve your health.

Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation

We provide physical rehabilitation for injuries resulting from accidents, and chronic health conditions. rehabilitation services are a form of preventative medicine that can reduce the impact of injuries in the future, helping you heal quicker.

Sports Performance

High performance athletes need to be in peak performance to stay at the top of their game. Our kinesiology services for sports can enable athletes reach their goals by managing injuries, reducing downtime, and optimizing performance.

Exercise Therapy

We can help you work through a variety of issues in your body to improve your overall health and physical well being. Exercise therapy can benefit the cardiovascular system, reducing stiffness, increasing mobility, strength and more.

Pain and Injury

This therapy works in stimulating the brain to release opioids and endorphins that act to calm your pain. It is highly effective in the treatment of acute pain. As a result, it is even practiced on military officers. We use it to relieve pain on muscles, joints, nerves, and migraines.

Meet Our Kinesiologists

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Our Intake Process

Your sessions and treatment plan is unique, and tailored to your particular needs. Generally, here’s what happens when you see our physiotherapists for the first time:

Coverage and Billing

Our clinic offers multiple direct billing options, and works with most major insurance and benefit providers, as well as WCB to make your experience as simple as possible.

Our team can help you confirm what options are available to you, including worker’s compensation, extended health benefits, third party insurance, or motor vehicle injury benefits.

We also accept payment from all major debit and credit cards in addition to also accepting cash payments. You can also pay with your personal cheque.

Direct Billing Options

We work with several providers to give you access to direct billing. Some of our direct billing partners are:

Don’t see your provider listed? Contact our clinic to find out if you’re covered.

Kinesiology FAQ

Kinesiology services are available for anyone looking to improve performance in work, sport, and/or life. An ideal client is anyone interested in improving their quality of life through physical activity, or wanting guidance towards achieving specific health and wellness goals

Fitness and health evaluations. Development and implementation of exercise programs to meet specific individual goals (high performance, injury prevention, etc.). Provision of treatment and rehabilitation services in collaboration with other licensed healthcare practitioners. 

Physical health, alongside functional independence, are some of the largest determinants of a person’s quality of life as they age. It’s never too late, nor too early, to begin investing in your own health and wellness; and taking proactive measures now is the surest way to secure your physical health in the future. 

On arrival, one of our expert staff members will help assess your health and history. We work together with you to determine the best treatment schedule.

Yes, we do! We offer multiple direct billing options to all our clients. Get in touch with our team to find out what options are available to you.

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