Treatment Options for Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Injury Treatment Options

Separated shoulders are an injury to the acromioclavicular (AC) joint. AC joint injuries are most commonly caused by impacts such as a fall directly onto the shoulder or a hard hit in hockey. Treatments for AC joints vary depending on the severity of the injury which can be determined through an assessment and possibly X-rays. It is important to treat all the tissues around the AC joint for a full recovery and return of full range of motion. Treatments such as Active Release, Graston, and Shockwave are very beneficial for this type of injury. Kinesiotaping is another method our practitioners use to aid in recovery.

Shoulder massage can reduce pain by relieving nerve compression, muscle strain, and joint pressure. You will have more range of movement and the shoulder joint will be more flexible.

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Methods & Treatments for Shoulder Injury

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Shoulder Injury FAQs